Mile Building August

Fast Track on a Nelson

Motor Boat Fast Track Will be running a mile building coarse in the first week 0f each month during 2017.,

Contact us for details and hurry limited spaces available.

This is a 4 week coarse 3 weeks Mile Building and 1 week exam preparation.

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Fast Track Motor

Fast Track on a Nelson

Welcome to Motor Boat Fast Track we offer a cost effective method for you to obtain sea miles, knowledge and skills needed not only to pass your Yachtmaster but to prepare you for your future in the marine industry.

Our aim is to provide students with the experience and confidence in themselves and their vessel so they are properly prepared for the challenges they may come across in their new career.

Our training is done in the most practical environment possible the open sea where you will be learning everything about the boat from being a crew member to captain.

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We'll Fast Track You

You will learn how to run and maintain your vessel thought out the course so when you've completed the course you will also have experience and knowledge of Diesel engines also the different types of propulsion. We believe that hands on experience is second to none when it comes to seamanship and navigation there is simply no substitute.

On the course you will be navigating on the high seas in all weathers, You will encounter other motor boats, yachts, fishing fleets to some of the world’s biggest container ships. You will be navigating into many different ports, rivers and estuaries during the day and night in varying weather conditions. You will learn how complete formalities on arrival in new counties or even a new continent.

When you have completed your course with us you will have the knowledge experience and most important the confidence to navigate your vessel and crew safely where ever your certificate will allow.

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NEW RYA Motor Boat Training

Motor Boat Fasttrack now offer RYA training courses for all motor boat qualifications. Other courses available on request.

Day Skipper.
Coastal Yachtmaster.
Yachmaster Offshore Power.
Other RYA Courses Available.

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Courses Overview

Motor Boat fasttrack offers you preparation for you Yachtmaster Offshore Power.

  • Mile building.
  • Hands on Experience and navigation.
  • Yachtmaster Fast Track Preparation.
  • Sail to Power Conversion.
  • New Sailing Courses.

Contact Us

For more details about our fasttrack services contact us.

Address: Queensway Quay Marina Gibraltar PO Box 19.
Spain: +34 678345595
Gibraltar: +35 054027467