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The Fleet

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Nelson 34ft

We have taken great time and effort in choosing our vessels for Motor Boat Fast Track. We believe our yachts are the perfect training boat. The Nelson 34ft has been heavily relied on by the Royal Navy who used them extensively for decades. Whether you are joining us for an RYA conversion Course or RYA Yachtmaster, our RYA Training Centre has the right vessels for your development. 

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Nelson Yachts & MBFT

MBFT currently has two Nelson 34ft motor boats that we have specially converted and designed for sea school use. With a long water line, moderate beam, high bow and round bilges ensure excellent handling throughout the speed range. Built for fuel efficiency and a soft ride at semi-planning speeds. Nelsons can better maintain speed in heavy weather and are vastly more comfortable on passages than chine planing power craft. This enables us to venture further and long in real sea conditions.

Nelson Heritage

The first Nelson was built in 1959 by Peter Thornycroft a 29ft Nigella. This was for Leopard Rothschild who wish to commute a 18kn from his house on Beaulieu River to the royal yacht squadron at Cowes. This sparked the creation of the Nelson 32ft and in 1962 the all GRP built best seller Nelson 34ft was created. The royal Navy purchased many including two VIP launches for the royal yacht Britannia.

The design of the Nelson hull was head of its time so much so that the design has not changed for over 50years.

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What to bring?

Sailors are exposed to the elements and must always be prepared for the unexpected. Due to limited storage on board, we always recommend you bring lightweight clothing to suit all possible weather scenarios.

Our Courses
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